Steven Baldridge

BASE, President | Honolulu, United States

Mr. Baldridge is the principal and founder of BASE, an award-winning structural engineering firm recognized for its work on buildings in areas of high seismic and hurricane risk worldwide. His experience includes over 50 high-rises in a diverse range of uses, from affordable workforce housing and luxury apartments to transit-oriented mixed-use projects. His interests go beyond structural engineering and he is actively involved in civic and professional organizations, embracing the latest technologies while showing interest, concern and leadership for all aspects of the design and construction industry and its impact on communities.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Dubai 2008; China 2016; Australia 2017; Chicago 2019)

CTBUH Initiatives


05 March 2008

The presentation includes an examination of high-rise projects in an island context from the most remote large city in the world Honolulu, Hawaii at the...


28 October 2019

Steven Baldridge, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering

Often when new high-rise developments are announced in cities, focus is on the positive impacts such as job creation, increased local tax revenues and social...


17 October 2016

Steven Baldridge & Anantha Chittur, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering, Inc.

Located adjacent to China, the Indian Subcontinent is also experiencing amazing concentrated urban growth facilitated in part by high-rise commercial and residential construction. These new...