Stephen Barrett

RSHP, Partner | London, United Kingdom


Stephen Barrett is Partner at RSHP and has over 30 years of experience with the practice. He leads the French and French-speaking teams and projects within RSHP.

In addition to more than a dozen airport projects, Barrett has managed the multidisciplinary teams of urban and strategic projects for Grand Paris (2008-2012), Bercy Charenton (2009-19), Gare de Lyon Daumesnil, (2014 -), Roads of the Future Grand Paris, and latterly, the Montparnasse Master Plan.

In tandem with his work on projects and within the practice’s management team, Barrett co-leads RSHP’s sustainable development group, which reviews the practice’s procedures and data collection, contributes to projects from the early concept stages, and organizes the dissemination of knowledge within the agency. He is also responsible for the carbon audit of RSHP’s activities.

Stephen Barrett