Stefano Panseri

Working Group: Demolition

Despe S.p.A., CEO | Milan, Italy


Stefano Panseri, CEO Despe, is the creator of this system that he developed thanks to Despe Research & Development, a department he strongly wanted within the company.

Despe, the company that leads with his brother Roberto and his father, Giuseppe, the founder, is specialized in engineering consulting, nuclear decommissioning, demolitions. Buildings and structures at great heights have always been in the company's core business.

Stefano Panseri is one of the leading demolition experts, a member of the Italian technical commission NAD and vice president of the European one, EDA. His innovative projects are presented at the major world conferences in the sector.


Working Group: Demolition (2014 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (New York 2015)

Annual Conference, Poster Presenter, Chicago (2019)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Shenzhen 2019)


28 July 2018

What are the Key Considerations When Demolishing a Tall Building?

Stefano Panseri, Despe

As it seems the industry is about to crack the 200-meter threshold for “tallest building peacefully demolished” (Tall Buildings in Numbers, Journal 2018 Issue II),...


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26 October 2015

The TopDownWay: An Innovative System for Skyscrapers’ Controlled Demolition

Stefano Panseri & Riccardo Castracani, Despe Spa

The future calls for vertical cities, which will inevitably get rid of what no longer works, is not tall enough or is no longer efficient....


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