Sophia Wang

Awards Future Project Jury

Schindler, Marketing Director, Global Marketing Hub Shanghai | Shanghai, China


Sophia has been working in the vertical transportation industry for more than 7 years. Before that she also accumulated 8 years’ experience in new energy industry in Asian market. She is currently Head of Global Large Projects Marketing and Sales Support for Schindler, based in Shanghai and plays key roles in Schindler Large Projects Management Committee.

Sophia has been a remarkably enthusiastic, proactive and very dedicated thought leader in vertical transportation. She possesses comprehensive and deep specialist know-how, an exemplary knowledge of the industry and profoundly extensive experience with unique high-rise projects globally.

As a Chinese who works for global market, Sophia acts in a fair, trustworthy and appreciative manner without exception. She makes considered decisions based on factual data, and she is a particularly effective advocate of innovation and a pivotal in the…

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Sophia Wang

CTBUH Designated Expert


Awards Future Project Jury (2023)