Shervin Reyhani

Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee

Canadian Wood Council, Technical Manager


Shervin Reyhani is a technical manager with Wood WORKS!Ontario, a program of the Canadian Wood Council. Hehas 33 years’ experience in design, marketing, manufacturing, installation and specifying wood and cold-formed steel structural components used in all types of construction typologies. Reyhani is an experienced product manager with a demonstrated history of working in building materials and component industry.Heis a graduate of the Civil Engineering Technology program and is a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.).Shervin also serves as Vice President of Professional Affairs and Services Board (PASB) for Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT).

Shervin Reyhani


Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee (2022 – Present)