Seth Martin

Langan, Associate | New York City, United States


Seth Martin is an Associate at Langan, where he has worked for 12 years. Martin is based out of Langan’s New York City office where he works on a variety of local and international projects. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Virginia Tech.

Martin specializes in geotechnical engineering design, instrumentation and monitoring, and construction oversight of various foundations and support of excavation systems. He collaborates with developers, engineers and contractors to deliver innovative and practical solutions to complex excavation support and foundation designs. His approach to large-scale complex projects has been established through his work on supertall and megatall towers in Manhattan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, London, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

Seth Martin

CTBUH Designated Expert


Annual Conference, Presenter (Singapore 2023)

CTBUH Initiatives

1 May 2019

CTBUH New York Presents: What Lies Beneath

Seventy attendees gathered for the CTBUH New York Chapter‘s seminar on seismic design, hosted at Langan’s New York office.