Sean Canady

Seattle Chapter Member Chair

GGLO, Principal | Seattle, United States


Sean works on a wide variety of large-scale urban design and planning issues, and leads a wide variety complex design efforts that involve tall buildings, mixed-use development, city planning policy and urban open space. His work is particularly influenced by the integration of high-density urban residential projects into livable cities, built around transit, urban open space and a complex mix of uses. Sean is engaged in design work across North America, India and SE Asia.

Sean Canady

CTBUH Designated Expert


Seattle Chapter, Chair (2022 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Australia 2017)

Chapter Secretary, Seattle (2018 – 2022)

20 October 2018

Record Numbers Convene at 2018 Leaders Meeting

CTBUH Leaders convened on Day 1 of the 2018 Middle East Conference for updates on the year's developments and to plan for 2019.

20 October 2018

Regional Representatives Meet at 2018 Middle East Conference

CTBUH Chapters, Regional Representatives, and Future Leaders Committees met during the Middle East Conference for a discussion on the Council's regional growth and global initiatives.

19 October 2018

Four New Chapters Formed in 2018

In 2018, CTBUH established four new Chapters in Hong Kong, Philadelphia, Scandinavia and Seattle, more than have ever been established in a single year.

29 October 2017

CTBUH 2017 Conference Delegates Attend Tall Timber Workshop

Delegates gathered in the offices of Arup in Sydney to participate in the Tall Timber Workshop, which included 14 presenters speaking on topics relevant to the tall timber industry.

18 April 2017

CTBUH Seattle Debates HALA’s Impact on Downtown Development

The annual CTBUH Seattle Spring Forum featured a panel discussion examining and interpreting the impact of Seattle’s "HALA" on future downtown development.