Saul Papaleo

Awards Façade Engineering Jury

AGC Glass Europe, International Building Projects & Technical Advisory Service Manager | Brussels, Belgium


Saul Papaleo joined AGC Glass Europe in 2003 as Primary Glass Area Sales Manager Italy.

AGC is one of the largest glass manufacturer producing a wide range of products, from raw glass to processed glass and other advanced solutions.
After few year in sales, he gradually moved to project business being involved in most of the buildings have changed the skyline of Milan and other cities.
Since 2019, Saul is working at the Bruxelles EU HQ, leading the International Building Projects and the Technical Advisory Service Teams, an extensive consultancy and engineering service aimed to support in glass application, feasibility and supply.

“Your Dream, Our challenge” is our brand statement representing the determination to contribute to innovative solutions.

Saul Papaleo

CTBUH Designated Expert


Awards Façade Engineering Jury (2024)