Sabina Fazlic

SCB | Birmingham, United Kingdom


Sabina Fazlic is a Distance Learning Tutor at the Graduate School of the Environment, Centre for Alternative Technology, in Machynlleth, Wales, UK. She is involved in the MSc Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies by Distance Learning (DL) course, which focuses on the environmental impact of buildings as well as the more general relationship between technology, people and the environment.

Recently, Sabina has submitted a PhD thesis entitled “Design strategies for Environmentally Sustainable Residential Towers in the Cool Temperate Climate of Europe and North America” at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. Sponsored in part by the Overseas Research Students Awards, the research focused on creating a design framework for residential tall buildings which could facilitate their creation in architectural practice.

Sabina has been a visiting tutor in tall…

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03 March 2008


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Design Strategies for Environmentally Sustainable Residential Skyscrapers

Sabina Fazlic, Welsh School of Architecture

This paper will focus on environmentally sustainable residential towers, specifically ones situated in the cool temperate climates of Europe and North America. It will consider...