Ryszard M. Kowalczyk

Warsaw, Poland


Present affiliation: Full professor: Private University for Ekology and Management Dept.of Architecture, Warsaw, Poland.
Scientific career: MSc - Warsaw University of Technology in 1951, PhD in 1957, and DrSc in 1967.
In 1992 - Title of Professor. Honorary Professor: Cracow University of Technology (2001) and Silesian University of Technology (2004), Bialystok University of Technology 2014. Doctor Honoris Causa: University of Beira Interior, Portugal 2016.

Professional career: over 50 years in research, consulting and teaching in various universities and research institutes in his native Poland as well as abroad (Warsaw University of Technology, Bialystok University of Technology, Institute of Building Research, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Fritz Leonhardt Design Office, Stuttgart, Germany, The University of Calgary, Canada, Lehigh…

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Regional Representative, Poland (2011 – Present)

CTBUH Fellow (2009)

Editorial Committee (1976 – 1995)

Executive Committee, Secretary (1976 – 1982)

Executive Committee, Trustee (1969 – 1975)

CTBUH Initiatives


22 October 2009


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CTBUH 8th Annual Awards

The CTBUH named the Linked Hybrid building as the 2009 Best Tall Building Overall at the 8th Annual Awards Dinner, held at Crown Hall in...


01 August 2013


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Politics, History, and Height In Warsaw’s Skyline

Ryszard Kowalczyk, Wojciech Consulting; Jerzy Skrzypczak, Biuro Projektów Architektury J&J Spółka z o.o; Wojciech Olenski, City of Warsaw

This paper describes the present high-rise boom in Warsaw, which is related to unprecedented development of the capital of Poland in the last 15 years...


11 September 2011


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The Global Impact of 9/11

Leader Interviews by Jan Klerks, CTBUH

Just as many Americans still remember exactly where they were when they heard the news that US president John F. Kennedy had been shot, most...