Rutger Huiberts

KPF, Director | New York City, United States


With over a 13 years of experience as an architect and urban designer, Rutger emphasizes sustainable forms of development in his portfolio of work. He has led a wide range of projects, from large-scale, mixed-use urban plans to buildings driven by office, retail, residential, and hospitality programs.

Rutger’s design exemplifies KPF’s vision of shaping the city on a human scale, sculpted for individual activity with diverse needs and contexts. He has developed expertise in the design of urban, mixed-use environments, including the Bank of East Asia Headquarters and The Treehouse at Kerry Qianhai, a new district in Shenzhen that emphasizes welcoming spaces through an interconnected retail plan.

Rutger believes that design should be an iterative process in which decisions are informed by analytical tools, employed in a continuous dialogue between the designers, client, and other stakeholders.…

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Rutger Huiberts