Rune Abrahamsen

Moelven Limtre, CEO | Oslo, Norway


Rune Abrahamsen is CEO of Moelven Limtre AS, Norway’s largest glulam manufacturer. He received his MSc degree in Civil Engineering from NTNU in 1995. Abrahamsen has previously been senior vice president at the engineering company Sweco, and has been chief engineer of numerous large building projects and timber bridges. He was chief engineer for the 14-storey Treet building in 2014, and led the work for the 18-storey Mjøstårnet building. Both projects set the world record for the tallest timber building.

Abrahamsen is 51 years old and married to Anne Christina, has two kids and loves watching Liverpool win football matches.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Chicago 2020)


01 October 2020

Timber Rising | Rune Abrahamsen

Building the World's Tallest Mass Timber Building: Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal, Norway


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