Robert McNamara

Philadelphia, United States



Annual Conference, Presenter (Shanghai 2012; Chicago 2019)


19 September 2012

The Track 12 panel consisting of: Robert McNamara, McNamara/Salvia Inc.; Constantin Christopoulos, University of Toronto; Ahsan Kareem, University of Notre Dame, answer questions from delegates.


19 September 2012

Robert McNamara, McNamara/Salvia; Ahsan Kareem & Dae-Kun Kwon, University of Notre Dame; Deepak Kumar, IIT Madras

Tall towers with very slender aspect ratios of height to width of the structural system are becoming very common as today’s architectural idiom. Mitigation of...


26 February 2001

Robert J. McNamara, McNamara/Salvia

This paper presents the results of an investigation of the application of viscous dampers in a high-rise structure located in an urban environment. The structure,...