Richard Lee

CTBUH [title] Representative

C.Y. Lee & Partners Architects/Planners, Partner | Taipei


Richard was born in Philadelphia, PA and lives half his life in Asia and half in the United States. He received a Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990 and 1995 respectively. After graduation, he worked at KPF in New York from 1995-1998 and then Handel Architects from 1998-2003. In 2004, Richard moved to Shanghai to join C.Y. Lee Architects (Shanghai). After 2006, he was relocated to the main office in Taipei, where he was promoted to junior partner in 2016. Richard is currently heading up New Business while working to upgrade the office for future expansion.

CTBUH Designated Expert


Regional Representative, Taiwan (2017 – Present)

Regional Representative, Taiwan, Regional Representative (2017 – Present)

Awards Urban Habitat Jury (2020; 2021)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Middle East 2018; Chicago 2019)

Innovation Conference, Session Chair, Shenzhen (2019)