Riccardo Pedroni

CTBUH Global Future Leaders Committee Member Scandinavia

Ramboll, Senior Structural Engineer | Copenhagen, Denmark


Riccardo Pedroni is a Senior Structural Engineer in the High-Rise Buildings Sector at Ramboll who joined
the company as Graduate Engineer in February 2014. He is Italian and has graduated at Politecnico of
Milan in October 2013 with a final project dealing with the dynamics of an offshore wind turbine. Before graduating, Riccardo was involved as intern in City Life project in Milan for the whole summer studying the settlements of the piling foundation of Isozaki Tower and producing a feasibility study on a television antenna on top of the building.
After having joined Ramboll, Riccardo has been involved in several Special Projects and grown a consistent design experience: especially in refurbishment and renovation of restaurants, fashion retails and domestic residences. iccardo developed knowledge in designing masonry, steel, timber and concrete structures. A strong background of Eurocode…

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Riccardo Pedroni


Future Leaders Committee, Global, Scandinavia (2019 – Present)