Ricardo Czuckerberg

Mexico City, Mexico


Ricardo Czuckerberg Nankin earned his Bachelor of Art in Biology in 2001 from the University of San Diego. Later, in Marbella, Spain, he achieved a post-graduate diploma in Hotel Management. Upon graduation, he became the Vice President at Grupo Elipse, which is an architecture and construction firm in Mexico City, Mexico. By 2009, Ricardo decided to obtain his Masters in Financing and Promoting Real Estate Projects at the Universidad Anahuac, School of Architecture. Throughout all of his studies and experience, he believes that a skyscraper doesn’t just multiply the base area by its number of floors; it also intensifies the potential for the use of the building. The greatest challenge is not just to pile one floor on top of the other, but rather to imply them with one another, or better yet, to complicate them into each other.

Mr. Czukerberg has lived in Mexico, England, Israel, Australia,…

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Country Representative, Mexico (2011 – 2013)