Rene Lagos

Rene Lagos Engineers, President | Santiago, Chile


René Lagos is the Founder and Chairman of Rene Lagos Engineers, a privately held structural engineering firm in Chile. With 38+ years of experience, René is recognized as a leader in structural engineering consultancy in South America, with important projects in high risk seismic countries worldwide.

Mr. René Lagos has been the principal structural engineer of more than 1,500 projects, representing over 12,000,000 m2, ranging from mid-level buildings to 64 stories (with over 100 projects at 20 stories or more). The work covers a full range of building structures, including complexes of affordable housing.

The most prominent of these projects are located in high-risk seismic zones, such as: Torre Costanera in Chile (300m), the tallest building in South America; the Tower Atacama Solar Plant in Chile (250m), the world’s tallest concentrated solar power tower; Sky Fort Tower (202m), the…

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Awards Structural Engineering Jury (2019)

Awards Technical Jury (2018)


28 July 2018

Dr. Thomas Heaton, California Institute of Technology; Rene Lagos, Rene Lagos Engineers

Some consider the typical “Collapse Prevention Objective” an inadequate target for the seismic design of tall buildings, advocating instead that buildings “functionally recover,” e.g., be...


16 September 2014

Rene Lagos & Mario Lafontaine, Rene Lagos Engineers; Ruben Boroschek & Rodrigo Retamales, Ruben Boroschek and Associates

The 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule Chile earthquake caused more than 30 billion US dollars in direct losses. The indirect losses remain unknown, but it is...


01 September 2012

René Lagos, Marianne Kupfer, Jorge Lindenberg, et la, Lagos Engineers

Chile is characterized by the largest seismicity in the world which produces strong earthquakes every 83±9 years in the Central part of Chile, where it...