Phil McCormac

Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee

Ivanhoe Cambridge, Senior Director, Development and Capital Projects | Denver, United States


Phil McCormac is a Senior Director of Development for Ivanhoe Cambridge (IC), located in Denver, Colorado. McCormac oversees industrial and office construction in the United States and is a licensed Architect. He is currently overseeing T3 Rino, a 200,000 square-foot (18,580 square-meter) office development in partnership with Hines and McCaffrey in Denver. T3 will be IC’s first mass timber project and is slated to start construction in the fall of 2021. McCormac has participated with the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat as a member of the steering committee of the research projects “Future Timber City: An Awareness and Educational Program for Future, Sustainable, Dense Cities” and “The Future Potential of Steel-Timber Composite Structures.” After working at Rogers, Nagel, and Langhart as an architect for 10 years, McCormac was brought on by Callahan Capital Partners to oversee…

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Phil McCormac


Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee (2022 – Present)