Peng Liu

Arup, Director | Beijing, China


Dr. LIU Peng is a Director with Arup and leads the structure team of Arup office in Beijing. He has substantial experiences in tall building design, seismic design and China projects. He has been responsible for the structural design of many important projects including Beijing CBD “China Zun" Tower (528m), Beijing CBD Z6 Project (408m), Beijing China World Trade Center phase 3A China Tower (330m), Beijing Fortune Finance Centre (max. 260m), Tianjin Goldin 117 Tower (597m), Tianjin Kerry Center Complex (max. 333m), Dalian Eton Center (380m) etc. He has been committed in developing the appropriate structural system for various tall building configuration. His latest interest is to explore the new paradigm of human-machine interaction in the design.


Regional Representative, Beijing (2012 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Shanghai 2014; China 2016)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Shenzhen 2019)

Innovation Conference, Session Chair, Shenzhen (2019)


18 September 2014

In the past, engineers have used hand calculation to carry out structural design, usually with a simplified model. Finite element analysis was then broadly used...


17 October 2016

Pamg Liu, YuCheng, Dorothee Citerne & Leo Zhang, Arup

A series of integrated smart design tools has been developed to satisfy different design requirements and to achieve an optimal balance between economics and safety....


21 September 2012

Goman Ho; Peng Liu; Guang Lei Liu, Arup

With the rise in CPU power and the generalization and popularity of computers, engineering practice also changed from hand calculations to 3D computer models, from...