Paul Burns

D2E International VT Consultants Ltd, Associate Director | London, United Kingdom


Paul Burns moved into vertical transportation in 2005 following 10 years in the steel industry, having complete a metallurgy doctorate.
Paul brought a wealth of experience in heavy manufacturing, exporting to global markets and practical experience in account management.
Paul joined Schindler in 2005 holding roles in major project sales and sales engineering, maintenance operations and account management and business change management.
Paul moved to D2E in 2013 and has experience with commercial, retail and public transport clients. Paul’s notable involvements include Heathrow Terminal 2A, London; 70 St Mary Axe, London; RMK Headquarters, Ekaterinburg, Russia and One Crown Place, London.

CTBUH Designated Expert


Annual Conference, Presenter (China 2016)


17 October 2016

Improving Vertical Transportation Design for a Dense Vertical Urban Environment

Paul Burns, Ed Figueiredo, Cameron O’Brien & Joe Wild, D2E International VT Consultants Ltd

The development of high-rise residential buildings has grown significantly over the past decade in response to the global increase in population density in urban centers....


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