Patti Thurmond

CTBUH, Vice President - Finance & Administration | Chicago, United States


Patti Thurmond began work with the Council in June 2009 as the organizational locomotive behind the CTBUH 2009 Chicago Conference, and latterly coordinated the transition of operations management from the Council's original location near Lehigh University, PA to the consolidated Chicago headquarters office.

Patti holds a Masters Degree from the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Patti moved to Chicago from her native Southern Illinois, where her two grown sons still reside, in order to study high-rise buildings and experience a true urban environment. She studied at IIT on a high-rise studio project with restricted site for an architectural institution in the Chicago skyline, focusing on a mixed-use program and building facades. Her master’s degree thesis focused on…

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Patti Thurmond

CTBUH Designated Expert

25 May 2017

Council HQ Welcomes Family of Lynn S. Beedle

CTBUH headquarters was proud to welcome the family of Council founder Lynn S. Beedle to their Monroe Building offices on Thursday, May 25.

13 June 2013

St. Paul’s Cathedral Technical Tour Report

A fortunate few were able to fully embrace “Height and Heritage” in the tour of St Paul’s. This tour provided a unique look at the history and structure of St Paul’s.

15 October 2010

CTBUH Involved in DFI Los Angeles Conference

CTBUH was involved as a coordinating partner, exhibitor and speaker at Deep Foundation Institute’s 35th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations in Hollywood, CA.

4 February 2010

South Mumbai Cultural Tour

Mumbai, a melting pot of cultures, pulsates with activity. India’s financial powerhouse and also the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai dazzles the visitor.