Patrick Brants

Lipa-innovation, Managing Director | Brussels, Belgium


Patrick Brants is managing director of Lipa-innovation. After years of experience as a project engineer in non-residential construction, he set up a study office in 2009. He specialised in energy studies and measurements. He now focuses on innovation in sustainable high-rise buildings.

He developed a patented recipe for zero energy buildings with 100% renewable energy, including 5 patents: (1) connectors for balconies and smart facades (2) acoustic enclosure for building-based high-efficiency wind turbines (3) hydraulic system that stores heat efficiently with daily injection of power on the grid (4) cold radiator for cooling and switching off fan in ventilation system and (5) high-efficiency wind turbines on industrial buildings.

Brants is 50 years old and married to associate Lien Van Droogenbroeck. Together they have four children and find complete relaxation in nature.

Patrick Brants