Nayib Neme Arango

Grupo , CEO | Bogota, Colombia


Nayib Neme Arango is Chairman and CEO of Grupo <a>, a family business founded in 1932 specialising in the manufacturing of auto parts and urban development.

As well as gaining a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Nayib has over 40 years’ experience working for Grupo <a> and in real estate.

Today, he is recognized as a prominent businessman in Colombia, leading a variety of construction projects including the country’s most ambitious scheme, Atrio. He is also well-known for his commitment to philanthropical activities, supporting the arts, education and contributing to the social and economic progress in Colombia.

With Atrio, Nayib’s goal was to create a significant piece of architecture that would transform the city of Bogota, a landmark development with a beautiful public space at the base where the public can meet, explore, and enjoy.

Nayib Neme Arango