Neeraj Nayyar

Siderise, Business Development and Specifications Manager – India


Neeraj Nayyar, Business Development & Specifications Manager for Siderise group in India is an experienced professional in the non-structural building applications i.e. passive fire protection, anchoring non-load bearing members to the concrete substrate and engineering services.

With the majority of his experience in passive fire protection solutions to imbibe life safety, enhance building performance, he loves to discuss applicable codes & standards, prevailing guidelines, testing methods, with architects, consultants, engineers, developers, government bodies, authorities, installers and auditing bodies etc. He provides the required and correct information related to available guidelines, regulations, and best practices to provide engineered and optimum solutions to opt for betterment of the project, improvise and build more safer buildings.

Neeraj strongly believes all stakeholders…

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Neeraj Nayyar

CTBUH Designated Expert