Motaz Elfahal

WSP, Vice President | New York City, United States


Motaz Elfahal has more than 27 years of experience in design of all types of concrete and steel structures, and more than 4 years of construction experience. During this period, Motaz directed and participated in the design of some of the most prestigious buildings in the world such as The Freedom Tower, MoMA Tower, The Spiral (66 Hudson), Beekman Tower, and ONE57 West 57th Street, located in New York City and Atlantis – The Palm, in Dubai, UAE. Motaz also designed buildings in many other counties outside of the USA including the UK, UAE, India, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

Motaz is an expert in lateral analysis and design under both static and dynamic conditions such as Seismic and Wind loads as well as complex structures.

Motaz has a strong record of research that was funded by entities such as the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation. Motaz presented…

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Motaz Elfahal


Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)