Mohammed Abusharkh

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


B. Sc in Civil Engineering, IUG University, Palestine, 2004

Mohammed Haider Abusharkh has been involved in designing and implementing several structural monitoring solutions (using GNSS technology and inclinometer sensors) for high-rise towers such as Lamar Tower in Jeddah and Capital Market Authority in Riyadh. He helped design three networks of core wall vertical monitoring solutions for ADNOC Tower in Abu Dhabi.

He participated in the installation of a land sliding 3D early warning system in Croatia as well as the design of a permanent deformation monitoring system for four hydropower dams in the Ukraine.

Mohammed has been involved in the engineering for Landmark Tower, Abu Dhabi; Sayed Hashim Mosque restoration, Gaza; El-Naser Mosque, Gaza; as well as Um Sultan Sha'aban Monument restoration, Cairo.


City Representative, Dubai (2012 – 2013)