Misha Bereznyak

Smart Density, Architect and Urban Designer | Toronto, Canada


Misha Bereznyak is an architect, urban designer and LEED Neighborhood Development professional who co-founded the Toronto-based architecture and urban planning firm, Smart Density. The firm was awarded Best Emerging Practice by the Ontario Association of Architects in 2022 and is an industry leader in urban development. The practice enables municipalities and developers to build communities that reject harmful conventions and contribute to a strong public realm.

With the determination to create vibrant, welcoming and dense communities through quality architecture and robust design, Bereznyak has a keen eye for the DNA of places and brings this critical focus to his city-building mission. Armed with technical training and an extensive professional background, he is changing the narrative of what good development should look like to ensure that our urban future is characterized by smart density.

Misha Bereznyak

CTBUH Designated Expert