Marzio Perin

Permasteelisa Group, Group Technical Director | Venice, Italy


Marzio Perin has served in numerous engineering roles at Permasteelisa since joining the company in 1991. Beginning as a project engineer, he quickly moved on to the role of Design Manager, overseeing many of the firm’s most iconic projects, including Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. His work on the project involved managing the design office for the building’s contorted metal skin, which gave him the experience necessary to specialize in non-standard forms and complex structural geometries.

In the years that followed, Perin served as a Key Account Manager, working with world renowned architects to bridge the gap between theirs designs on paper and real-world implementation. He also was the General Manager for Permasteelisa’s headquarters office in Italy.

Perin is now in charge of Group Technical Direction and leads the Design Direction and Market Intelligence divisions.


Awards Technical Jury (2016)