Mark Petrovic

Archetype Group, Managing Director Myanmar Office | Yangon, Myanmar


Mark has over 14 years of experience as Design Manager and Architect, managing all stages from concept design to construction documentation, engineering coordination, and site supervision in: France, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam.

He has designed more than 20 tall building complexes in Vietnam, as well as several high-rises in Myanmar.

In 7 years with the Archetype group, Mark has been for 3 years the Architectural Design Director of Ho Chi Minh city office in charge of all projects and had under his supervision the 40 architects from his department.

Since January 2013 Mark is the Managing Director of Archetype Myanmar Ltd as well as design director in charge of all operation from Architecture, with production of design, to administration of the office and Archetype Project Management services.

In relation with High rise buildings, Mark's attention today is focusing on the learning process…

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Regional Representative, Myanmar (2014 – Present)

Regional Representative, Myanmar, Regional Representative (2014 – Present)

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