Mahjoub Elnimeiri

IIT | Chicago, United States


Dr. Mahjoub M. Elnimeiri holds a BSc. In Civil Engineering (with Honors) from the University of Khartoum, a D.I.C. and M. Sc. in Structural Engineering from London University at Imperial College, London, England, and Ph.D. in Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics from Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois USA (1974).

Since then he has been involved in the practice of structural and architectural work of buildings in Chicago, USA and overseas. He is very active and well known in the professional and academic communities. He has been a speaker in many conferences and conventions. His expertise is in the areas of structural analysis, design,construction of buildings (particularly tall buildings), and in the applications of computer technology. His publications are directly related to these areas, and he is a recipient of the “State of The Art Award” of the American Society of…

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History of Tall Buildings Committee, Vice-Chair (1996 – 1997)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Seoul 2004; Dubai 2008)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (Member; Chicago 1996)

CTBUH Initiatives


04 March 2008

Mahjoub Elnimeiri, Illinois Institute of Technology, presented the architectural design ideas that led to the creation of Tower 29, Dubai and its innovative structural design...


28 April 2016

Matin Alaghmandan, Shahid Beheshti University; Mahjoub Elnimeiri & Robert J. Krawczyk, Illinois Institute of Technology; Peter von Buelow, University of Michigan

In order to reduce undesirable wind effects and structural responses in tall buildings, there are two main solutions: architectural and structural. Architects can mitigate the...


10 October 2011

Mahsa Nicknam & Mahjoub M. Elnimeiri, Illinois Institute of Technology

This research paper is intended to incorporate structural performance and energy efficiency strategies of tall buildings through an architectural form generation process. The main objective...