Lynn Osmond

Choose Chicago, President & CEO | Chicago, United States


Lynn Osmond assumed the position of President and CEO of CAF in 1996. Osmond is responsible for overseeing CAF’s comprehensive program of architecture tours, exhibitions, public programs (including lectures and special events), and youth and adult education programs. With Lynn’s strong leadership in organizational development, CAF has realized 300 percent in organizational growth, has consistently ranked among the top 10 Chicago cultural institutions, and has grown its audience to more than half a million visitors. CAF’s docent program has also thrived during Lynn’s tenure, becoming internationally recognized as the leading program of its kind in the world. Lynn also spearheaded the launch of the Association of Architecture Organizations and the Architecture + Design Education Network, which now has more than 125 members.

In 2013, the American Architectural Foundation (AAF) presented CAF…

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Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2019)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (New York 2015; Middle East 2018)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (Chicago 2019)

Innovation Conference, Session Chair, Chicago (2018)


16 March 2017

How High Can We Go? (Highlight)

Thursday, March 16, 2017. Chicago, United States of America. Hosted in collaboration with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the first event in the Building Tall lecture...


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20 October 2018

Debating Tall: Is Polycentrism the Way Forward?

Peter Murray, New London Architecture Centre; Lynn Osmond, Chicago Architecture Center

Numerous cities are now developing along polycentric lines, with several urban “nodes” focused around tall building clusters that often compete for commerce, attention and investment...


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