Kyle Richardson

Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee

OAC Services, Inc., Sr. Director, Construction Management | Seattle, United States


I'm a builder, for over 34 years, my construction career has opened up doors to amazing experiences, projects and people. As an agent of change and believer in challenging the status quo, I look for areas to innovate and opportunities to build new project and develop new relationships. My goal is to give back to the industry, as an educator and manager, I want to grow people and provide the opportunity for the new generation of builders to achieve even more.

The potential to Build Better, is at our finger tips, new materials, new techniques, new thinking are emerging and the industry has never been in a better position to improve than it is currently. I'm excited to be a part of it.

Kyle Richardson

CTBUH Designated Expert


Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee (2022 – Present)