Kwang Ryang Chung

Dongyang, President | Seoul, South Korea

Kwang Ryang Chung has experience in the structural design and analysis of many major commercial and residential projects, both in his native Korea as well as abroad. He earned his PhD in Architecture from Korea University, one of Korea’s oldest institutions of higher education. Based in Seoul, Dr. Chung has been the President of DONGYANG Structural Engineers Co., Ltd. since 1995. Prior to coming to DONGYANG, he worked as a Project Engineer at Hyundai E&C (Structural) and as an Engineer at Shin Jong Soon Structural Institute.

Under his leadership, DONGYANG has grown to be one of the leading structural engineering firms in Korea. His particular expertise is in the design and analysis of tall buildings, the development of techniques for optimizing the size and weight of structural steel and reinforced concrete, and the use of long spans and spatial structures. Some representative projects include…

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Country Representative, South Korea (2011 – Present)

CTBUH Fellow (2019)

Regional Representative, South Korea, Regional Representative (2011 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (China 2016)

Student Competition Second-Round Jury (2011)


10 October 2011

The structural system of tall building is designed to cope with the vertical and lateral loads. Fazlur Khan classified structural systems for tall buildings relating...


01 September 2017

Kwangryang Chung, Jungwoo Park & Younghye Kim, Dong Yang Structural Engineers Co., Ltd; Dohun Kim, POSCO E&C

It’s been a decade since post-tension system began to be applied in earnest to buildings in Korea. In the meantime, posttension system has been used...


17 October 2016

Kwang Ryang Chung, Dong Yang Structural Engineers

In the early twentieth century, many countries were obsessed with high-rise buildings taller than 100 stories, and Korea was swept up in the challenge to...