Kosuke Kato

Sony Group Corporation, General Manager of HQ Corporate Workplace Solutions


I am a Japanese and have worked for Sony for 32 years. I have mainly worked on business planning & control, general affairs and risk & crisis management including BCP & global insurance.

Regarding the business planning field, I worked on Sony’s consumer electronics businesses, and had various experiences in running joint ventures with a Swedish company and a Japanese company. Due to the local business establishment, I used to work abroad (Netherlands, Germany, USA, Hong Kong & Mainland China) with the responsibilities of supply chain management and financial control (as CFO).

As for the general affairs field, I have been managing Sony’s corporate real estate which covers office workplace and space, and even the policy-making on Japan HQ key sites location since 2016. Regarding the risk management area, I have been managing corporate global rules on crisis management and insurance…

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Kosuke Kato