Karen Cook

PLP Architecture, Founding Partner | London, United Kingdom


Karen Cook, a founding Partner of PLP Architecture, and previously a partner of KPF’s London office, has been involved with designing tall buildings in Europe for the last decade. Her design approach stems from an analytical process, a respect for context, and the integration of technology and materials, with the aim of making better places in which to work and live.

Karen led the competition winning design in 2003-04, while at KPF, for the radical refurbishment at La Defense of Tour CB31, now Tour First, whose design team she led until her departure in 2009 to found PLP Architecture. The implemented proposal added 1.5m extension to all floors, enlarging layout dimensions to market standards; relocated concrete fire staircases and created a new high-performance façade, bringing the building’s standards up to current regulations; six triple height sky-gardens carved from post-tensioned…

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Annual Conference, Presenter (Australia 2017; Chicago 2019)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (London 2013)


10 October 2011

This session will discuss principles of contextual tall buildings such as: a tall building strategy, response to climate, individual preferences, community space and ecology, and...


28 October 2019

Karen Cook, PLP Architecture

During the last decade, the City of London has experienced a surge in daily commuters from less than 400,000 to nearly 500,000, with another 100,000...


28 July 2017

Barbara Weiss, Barbara Weiss Architects; Karen Cook, PLP Architecture

As hundreds of buildings over 20 stories are set to rise in London over the next few years, the Skyline Campaign, a non-profit organization, has...