Kanokpat Chanvaivit

Bangkok, Thailand


Dr. Kanokpat Chanvaivit graduated from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand with a degree in Structural Engineering. He is a senior structural design manager in the technical department at Bouygues - Thai Ltd. He is responsible for managing the design process, leading design teams, and controlling the criteria and design concepts for the design and construction of high-rise towers in Thailand, including MahaNakhon Tower.


Annual Conference, Presenter (Shanghai 2014)

CTBUH Initiatives


26 October 2015

Kanokpat Chanvaivit, Bouygues Thai; David Wallance, FXFOWLE; and Phillip Gardiner, Irwinconsult, answer questions at the end of 2015 New York Conference Session 2d: Construction Advances.


26 October 2015

Kanokpat Chanvaivit, André Ly & Chloé Clair, Bouygues Thai Ltd

Bouygues-Thai was appointed by PACE Development Corporation PLC as the structural contractor for the design-build contract of MahaNakhon Tower, soon to be the tallest tower...


16 September 2014

Kanokpat Chanvaivit, Bouygues-Thai Co. Ltd.

MahaNakhon Tower developed by PACE Development Corporation PLC is a 77-Story mixed-use development in Bangkok, Thailand. It will be Bangkok’s tallest tower, standing at 314...