Kadir Sener

Auburn University, Assistant Professor | Birmingham (AL), United States


Kadir C. Sener, Ph.D., PE, is an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering in the Civil Engineering Department at Auburn University since 2019. Prior to joining Auburn University, he was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Purdue University, where he also earned his PhD in Civil Engineering in 2014.

His primary research interests are performing large-scale experimental and computational evaluations to investigate the behavior and design of concrete, steel, and timber structures subjected to extreme demands from seismic, fire, impactive-impulsive, and fatigue loading. In the past, he has led multiple research projects pertaining to various types of structures; including nuclear power plant, high-rise building, and bridge structures.

Dr. Sener mainly performs research on innovative hybrid structural systems that utilize novel materials/combinations for implementation in civil-structural…

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