Jong-Soo Cho

Konkuk University, Assistant Professor in Architecture | Seoul, South Korea


Prof. Jong-Soo Cho is Professor of Architecture at the Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea. He was Chair of Dept. of Architecture and He is P.D. of Architectural Education Program. He has taught high-rise building, cultural studies, and design methodology in many courses at the design school and also involved in many research field at the university.

He is a designer and writer who earned his M.Arch. and PH.D. in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology with a thesis entitled ""Design Methodology for Tall Office Buildings: Design Measurement and Integration with Regional Characters"". He is the author of several articles and books including ""The Architectural Design Integration(DaeGa, 2007). He has written widely on cultural issues of tall building design and architecture including ""Philosophy, Science and Architectural Speculation"" and ""Aesthetics, Cognition and Skyscraper""(Review of…

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Student Competition Second-Round Jury, Chair (2011)


05 February 2010

Structural Design of The Rechensia Tower

The Rechensia, located in Bucheon, South Korea is a concrete residential tower which, when completed, will be 239 meters high. The building is now under...


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10 October 2004

Architectural Design Methodology for Tall Office Buildings based on Ecology

Jong-Soo Cho, Konkuk University

Throughout history buildings have been interrelated with certain indigenous characteristics such as regional climate, culture and religions. In our modern age, technologies to control climate...


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