John W. Cahill

Skyscraper Center Editorial Board

New York City, United States


John Cahill has structured his life around architecture, foreign languages, and music. A love of fine arts and humanities has been balanced by years of practice in building technology. Breadth of experience allows him to function in many different environments. He has worked in German-speaking offices in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Architectural work experience includes:
•construction drawing development
•consultant co-ordination
•design development
•competition and schematic design projects
•client and building authority contact
•presentation drawings and models
•team leadership
•administrative assistance

Recent work experience with Emporis, CTBUH, and Phorio has focused on documentation of tall buildings. He creates building data profiles through research, data gathering, and photography. His extensive knowledge of North American cities and their…

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Skyscraper Center Editorial Board (2014 – Present)