John Tessem

DCI Engineers, Principal | Seattle, United States


John has been a member of CTBUH since 2004. A principal at DCI Engineers for 18 years with 39 years industry experience is DCI’s high-rise lead principal and has overseen many major projects for the firm. Responsible for the design of over 40M-sf of high-rise office, residential, and mixed-use projects. John is responsible for conceptual design, structural system selection, and often manages the entire design effort for major projects. He is also credited for the design of numerous convention centers, aircraft hangers, and parking structures. He has published technical papers and made numerous presentations on Performance-Based Seismic Design of tall concrete buildings at ACI and ASCE international conventions and Structural Engineers Associations. He is active on several technical committees including ACI Performance-Based Seismic Design of Concrete Buildings, ASCE Tall Buildings, and ASCE…

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John Tessem

CTBUH Designated Expert


Awards Structure Jury (Chair 2023; 2024)

Awards Structural Engineering Jury (2022)