Joe Fan

Expert Chinese Translation Committee

Gensler, Principal / Technical Director | Shanghai, China


Joe Fan specializes in the design and delivery of super-tall high-rise towers, office buildings, retail centers, cultural facilities and residential developments. With over 22 years of architectural experience throughout China, Australia and Asia region, his major achievements include 3 national architectural awards in Australia: 2011 RAIA NSW Sir Arthur Stephenson Award for 420 George Street, Sydney; 2011 RAIA Commendation of International Architecture for SIP Logistics Centre, China; 2007 RAIA NSW Commendation for Westpac Place, Sydney.

Since joining Gensler in 2013, he has served as senior associate/senior project architect for some of the firm’s most prestigious projects, including Shimao Financial City, Guangzhou; Harbin Bank Headquarters, Beijing; Olympic CBD Twin Tower, Beijing. Mr. Fan also played a key role in the delivery of 729m Zhongnan Center in Suzhou China, the tallest building at…

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Joe Fan


Expert Chinese Translation Committee (2016 – Present)

Young Professionals Committee, Shanghai, Co-Chair (2017 – 2018)

29 January 2019

2019 CTBUH Shanghai Symposium

This symposium explores how new technological innovations can foster a healthy living environment in tall buildings, within both office and residential spaces.

29 January 2019

CTBUH China Hosts Smart Technology Symposium

CTBUH China hosted a symposium which explored the development of smart offices, addressing challenges brought by rapid technological advancements and growing populations.

17 November 2017

Beyond Win or Lose? Gains and Losses in Design Competitions

In the unique environment of the Chinese market, what are the decisive factors in selecting the design of tall buildings?

17 November 2017

CTBUH Shanghai Young Professionals Committee Talks Competitions

CTBUH China and Shanghai Young Professionals Committee (YPC) co-hosted a symposium on “Gains and Losses in Tall Building Design Competitions.”

3 August 2017

CTBUH Shanghai YPC Holds Inaugural Meeting

The CTBUH Shanghai Young Professionals Committee (YPC) held its first board meeting at the Shanghai office of Gensler.