Jian Ling

GOA (Group of Architects), Executive CEO


Mr. Ling Jian has led his design team to complete a number of timeless large-sized complexes, the most representative of which are highly sophisticated headquarters buildings, urban complexes, and super-high skyscrapers. His design features a focus on the public value and influence of large sized developments in urban spaces in modern Asian cities and a dedication to creating a balance among architectural value, the owner’s ideals and urban development visions.

In the field of architectural design and management, Mr. Ling Jian has a wealth of experience. He advocates that architects should effectively control the whole architectural design process and believe that precise execution “from conception to completion” is the key to the success of a project. His architectural designs, including Ningbo Wit Park, Ningbo R&D Park, Linping Xizi International, and Grand Canal Place, all echo with…

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Jian Ling