Jerry Jackson

Annual Conference, Presenter

Dassault Systèmes, Vice President – Architecture, Engineering, Construction | Boston, United States


Jerry Jackson is known for his relentless pursuit of value creation in the AEC industries. He belongs to a small cohort of individuals who, with Autodesk’s acquisition of Revit Technologies in 2002, expanded product revenue from six to nine digits by establishing BIM as a category, customers as evangelist, and Revit as the standard.

In 2011, Jerry joined Dassault Systemes to advance architecture, engineering, and construction by attraction -- the natural magnetic force of opportunity to make accessible, via technology and fabrication processes, built environment outcomes that are far greater than the resources required to implement them.

Jerry holds a bachelor’s degree in history, a California teacher credential, and MBA from Sacramento State University. He was awarded teacher of the year in 1999 and an Autodesk scholarship in 2005. Jerry has been invited to speak at industry events produced…

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Annual Conference, Presenter (– Present)

Awards Technical Jury (2018)