Jeremiah O'Neill

Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee

H+O Structural Engineering, Principal and Co-Founder | Boston, United States


Jeremiah C. O’Neill is a Principal and co-founder of H+O Structural Engineering, a firm specializing in mid and high-rise building design. His career has focused on designing high-rise buildings and retrofitting masonry and timber structures in adaptive reuse projects throughout the country.

H+O, along with their development partners, have played a key role in accelerating mass timber into mainstream Boston development. Their 7-story multi-family residential development, set to top out in late 2021, will be the tallest mass timber building in Boston. That title will be short-lived, once surpassed by H+O’s 12-story mass timber hotel currently in design, set to break ground in 2022. H+O is strategically positioned to identify economically viable developments that maximize the benefits of mass timber construction.

Jeremiah received his BS degree from Lafayette College and his MS degree…

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Jeremiah O'Neill


Steel-Timber Research Project Steering Committee (2022 – Present)