Jeppe Hundevad

Lindner Fassaden GmbH, Regional Director for North America | Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Jeppe Hundevad is the President of Lindner Facades Inc. and Director of Steel and Glass. He has been at Lindner since November 2014 and has over 30 years of experience working in the field in various positions. He has worked in the UK, France and Germany at OVE ARUP and Partners, EIFFEL Construction and MERO GmbH respectively. He was also Managing Director/Owner at APG EUROPE GmbH between 2001-2014.
Jeppe has a MBA and a bachelor's degree in Structural Engineering. He is fluent in German and English. His project references include the Edinburgh International Airport in Scotland, the World Trade Center Tower 1 in New York, and most recently EXPO Astana Globe, Canal Street in Chicago and the Sheikh Zayed Museum in Abu Dhabi. .
Jeppe received an award for his work at the Edinburgh International Airport, Scotland in 2006. He also received an Architectural Award for the renovation project at the…

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