Jeffrey Montgomery

KONE, Director, Major Projects, Asia-Pacific | Singapore, Singapore


Since 1996, Jeff Montgomery has been working for KONE in Engineering, Design, and R&D of Elevators and Escalators. Since 2012, Jeff has been heading Major Projects units in Saudi Arabia and Asia Pacific, and has been deeply involved in the vertical transportation scope, definition, technology, and execution for some of the tallest buildings and largest projects in the world. Currently operating from Singapore, Jeff and his team are responsible to enable the People Flow needs and desires of KONE’s Major Project clients from initial conceptual design stage through handover of the project.


Annual Conference, Presenter (China 2016; Australia 2017)

Annual Conference, Steering Committee (Singapore 2020)

Live-Streamed Conference, Singapore Steering Committee (Member 2020 – 2021)


26 October 2015

Santeri Suoranta & Jeff Montgomery, KONE

The ability to build ever higher has always pushed available technologies to their limits, including elevator technology. Traditional elevators utilizing steel ropes are limited by...