Jayrold Bautista

Dow, Associate TS&D Scientist | Singapore, Singapore


Jayrold is an experienced professional in the built environment, with over 15 years of experience providing technical, application, and consulting expertise to stakeholders in the curtain wall and construction industry. As an Associate Technical Services and Development Scientist at DOW, Jayrold collaborates closely with architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors to bridge the gap between the construction industry's needs and DOW's innovations, products, and solutions.

He is a structural engineer by profession and his extensive background in façade design and engineering allowed him to be involved in numerous high-profile projects, ensuring that they achieve energy-efficient, durable, and well-designed facades for high-performance building projects, leveraging silicone and material science technology. His comprehensive experience in the industry has earned him a reputation as a trusted…

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Jayrold Bautista


Awards Systems Jury (Chair 2023)