Jaron Lubin

Skybridges Research Project Steering Committee

Safdie Architects, Partner | Boston, United States


Jaron Lubin contributes a tireless commitment to advancing the firm’s impact through strategic design thinking and exploration. Lubin’s passion for progressive design methodologies is embodied in many of the studio’s most complex and multi-dimensional urban projects. Lubin leads or actively engages with much of the research, fellowship, teaching, and architectural exploration of the firm. A graduate of the University of Michigan and distinguished Alumni of UCLA, he is a frequent writer, juror, and lecturer. In addition to having served as Design Critic in Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Lubin has taught multiple studios at the GSD with Moshe Safdie, most recently "The Shape of Things to Come" (Spring 2022).

CTBUH Designated Expert


Skybridges Research Project Steering Committee (2019 – Present)

Student Competition Second-Round Jury (– Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Middle East 2018)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Chicago 2020)

Live-Streamed Conference, Presenter (2020)


14 March 2019

The Evolution of the SkyPark Since the Marina Bay Sands

Jaron Lubin, Safdie Architects

This presentation traces the evolution of the SkyPark across multiple building types in different cities, climates and contexts from urban, architectural and social perspectives.


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