James von Klemperer

KPF, President | New York City, United States


James von Klemperer is President and Design Principal at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, where he began as a young architect in 1983. His work ranges in scale from a house to a city, and he contributes closely to these efforts from conception to completion. In addition to focusing on his own projects, he leads the community of designers within the studio in exploring shared architectural agendas and goals. As President of the firm, he is responsible for leading the staff of 650 people in 6 offices around the world.

A major focus of Jamie’s work has been to heighten the role that large buildings play in making urban space, from the supertall office tower with transit connections, to the low-rise, luxury residential and hospitality project. He has explored this theme in diverse, major projects across the world, including the Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai, Lotte World Tower in Seoul, and Echelon…

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Annual Conference, Keynote Speaker (Shanghai 2014; Middle East 2018; Middle East 2018)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Chicago 2006; New York 2015; China 2016; Chicago 2019)

Innovation Conference, Speaker (Chicago 2018; Shenzhen 2019)


21 October 2018

The tall building community is evolving past pure aesthetic impact and satisfying real-estate pro-formas, into an integrative practice that weaves skyscrapers into our increasingly diverse...


25 April 2019

James von Klemperer, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates; Michael Hensley, Pickard Chilton

One of the most significant changes to the CTBUH Awards program this year is that of the “Best Tall Building” evaluation from regional to height...


20 October 2018

James von Klemperer & Elie Gamburg, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

The Royal Atlantis innovates on typical high-rise hotel and residential design by introducing substantial areas of true open space into all areas of the tower...