James Liu

Shenyang, China


James Liu is the founder and webmaster of Shenyangskyscrapers, which is the largest and most influential skyscraper special website in Shenyang area of China. He is not an architect or officially connected with the building industry, but is a skyscraper enthusiast.

James uses camera to record city development and skyscraper construction in Shenyang over the past decade. He also introduces and shares information and photos of Shenyang skyscrapers construction to the world via some famous skyscraper websites, including CTBUH's The Skyscraper Center.

In 2004, James joined the largest Chinese skyscraper website at that time, "Skyscrapers.cn", and became the moderator of Shenyang area. In 2010, the "Skyscrapers.cn" was closed and then James established an independent website focus on skyscrapers construction and city development of Shenyang, the "Shenyangskyscrapers".


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City Representative, Shenyang (2012 – 2015)